Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Is Ben turning into a one woman man?

Benjamin was busy this Memorial Day weekend!

On Saturday night he had a dinner date with his friend Lilly in Blacksburg. (Their mommies chaperoned the date.) Ben slept through the first half of the date, but he must have been pretty charming during the second half because he got to hang out with Lilly again the very next day!

Ben invited Lilly over to hang in his "hot tub." (It's really a baby pool, but don't tell Ben- it would crush him.)

He knows he's charming. He is one confident baby!

After lounging in the hot tub, Ben got to stay up past his normal bedtime to hang out with Lilly. In this picture Lilly is playing with the ball she gave Ben for Christmas. Ben and Lilly's parents enjoyed watching the two play together. Ben can't wait for the third date!!!

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  1. They are so adorable together! I love her name...Lily.