Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ben's First State Bar Conference

This past weekend Ben attended his first Virginia State Bar conference. The highlights of the weekend included swimming and sleeping (as evidenced below.) He also was allowed to attend the Young Lawyers' Conference's annual meeting where he wowed all the ladies with his charm and wit.

Below are just a few of the many pictures taken...

Ben's first encounter with a swimming pool. His friend (and future girlfriend) Kaitlyn kept him company while he got used to being in the big kids' pool.

Swimming makes Ben sleepy!!

Mommy dressed Ben in this adorable ensemble which included seersucker swim trunks. Don't worry Aunt Elizabeth, Daddy is looking for a matching hat.

Once again, swimming makes Ben tired! Mommy let Ben get in the bed with her and Daddy early on Father's Day morning... Although he's not yet 2 feet tall Ben managed to take up the majority of the king sized bed.

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