Sunday, March 28, 2010

Going to the Chapel....

Ben attended his very first wedding this weekend... and boy did he have fun!

At the rehearsal dinner he got to meet lots of new relatives- including some of his great-grandma Zella's brothers and sisters. His mommy (the slacker) didn't get very good pictures of Ben meeting his great-great aunts and uncles, but she did snap this cute one of Ben and his daddy.

At the wedding, Ben got to meet his great-grandparents Shirley and Hal (Papa Don's parents.) Here he and his great-grandma Shirley are discussing something pretty important (maybe health care reform, but probably how cute Ben is in that sweater vest.)

Here's a picture of the bride and groom (new great-aunt Jeannie and his great-uncle Jeff) cutting into the amazingly delicious wedding cake. Ben was very happy to gain a new great-aunt! He's lucky to have so many "great" great-aunts!

Ben also got to meet his daddy's best friend, Justin. His Aunt Elizabeth made sure he and Justin bonded!

Mommy managed to snag a little bit of time with her little man during the reception.

When the d.j. played Bon Jovi, Ben just couldn't contain his excitment. He had to beat up the beat! He was a fist-pumping fool!

Here Ben shares a quiet moment with his great-grandma Zella.

He can't wait until April 10th when he gets to watch his mommy's friend Lindsey get married!!

5 months old and still cute as can be!

Some of mommy's favorites from the past week or so:

This one was taken one morning when mommy had a conference call that she participated in from home. Ben hung out and played- the person on the other end never knew there was a five month old participating in the call!

Ben saw his Aunt Elizabeth this past weekend- she brought him soccer shoes from Italy! He loves them.

Babies in diapers= cuteness!!!

Trying out green beans for the first time (and rocking a Virginia Tech outfit.)

What the heck?

Friday, March 19, 2010

And the weekend continues....

Ben spent the night at Grandma's house this past Sunday. She was so excited to see him because she hadn't seen him since before Christmas, and boy has he changed! (Ben was excited to see her too!)

He even got to spend some quality time with Grandpa or Papa Don as Daddy has nicknamed him.

He also participated in his first ever international call. Ben is just is just so important! Aunt Elizabeth was on the other line. She promised to bring lots of toys for Ben when she comes in next week from Italy.

He's already a pro at talking on the phone- he must take after his daddy!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Going to Grandma's (in style)

Mommy had a deposition in Falls Church this past Monday, so Ben tagged along. They headed up to Warrenton on Sunday so Ben could spend time with Grandma and Papa Don (Stephen's "grandpa" name for his stepdad). On the way there he was definitely traveling in style.

Clothing is Optional

You can't help but love the baby in diapers pictures. With summer just around the corner, Ben will probably become quite the diaper model.

Bonding with Grandpa

Ben's grandpa came to visit this past weekend. Ben hadn't seen his grandpa since December!

Ben had fun playing with Grandpa's face!

Grandpa even brought Ben a drink, but unfortunately Ben was unable to take the lid off the bottle! He still tried to drink it though.

Ben loves visits from Grandpa!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Yummy in my Tummy!!

Well it's official- Ben is all grown up! Okay, that's exaggerating, but as of tonight he has tried food! Ben sampled peas tonight.

The verdict? He seems to like them!

Following dinner he insisted on exercising, so we let him play in the exersaucer for a few minutes. He really enjoyed it!

Ben has the best aunts!

Ben is such a lucky little boy. He has two fantastic aunts- Aunt Mary and Aunt Elizabeth. Aunt Mary came to visit last Friday (and she's coming back again this weekend!) While she visited she took the time to read him a book she bought for him, The Belly Button Book, by Sandra Boynton.

Mary seemed to enjoy the book more than Ben. But he loves spending time with her. And we have a feeling he'll find the book (a story about hippopotamuses' belly buttons) funny when he is just a little older.

Ben misses his Aunt Elizabeth, but is looking forward to seeing her at the end of this month. (He's expecting at least one gift- haha!)