Sunday, March 28, 2010

Going to the Chapel....

Ben attended his very first wedding this weekend... and boy did he have fun!

At the rehearsal dinner he got to meet lots of new relatives- including some of his great-grandma Zella's brothers and sisters. His mommy (the slacker) didn't get very good pictures of Ben meeting his great-great aunts and uncles, but she did snap this cute one of Ben and his daddy.

At the wedding, Ben got to meet his great-grandparents Shirley and Hal (Papa Don's parents.) Here he and his great-grandma Shirley are discussing something pretty important (maybe health care reform, but probably how cute Ben is in that sweater vest.)

Here's a picture of the bride and groom (new great-aunt Jeannie and his great-uncle Jeff) cutting into the amazingly delicious wedding cake. Ben was very happy to gain a new great-aunt! He's lucky to have so many "great" great-aunts!

Ben also got to meet his daddy's best friend, Justin. His Aunt Elizabeth made sure he and Justin bonded!

Mommy managed to snag a little bit of time with her little man during the reception.

When the d.j. played Bon Jovi, Ben just couldn't contain his excitment. He had to beat up the beat! He was a fist-pumping fool!

Here Ben shares a quiet moment with his great-grandma Zella.

He can't wait until April 10th when he gets to watch his mommy's friend Lindsey get married!!

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