Monday, March 8, 2010

Ben has the best aunts!

Ben is such a lucky little boy. He has two fantastic aunts- Aunt Mary and Aunt Elizabeth. Aunt Mary came to visit last Friday (and she's coming back again this weekend!) While she visited she took the time to read him a book she bought for him, The Belly Button Book, by Sandra Boynton.

Mary seemed to enjoy the book more than Ben. But he loves spending time with her. And we have a feeling he'll find the book (a story about hippopotamuses' belly buttons) funny when he is just a little older.

Ben misses his Aunt Elizabeth, but is looking forward to seeing her at the end of this month. (He's expecting at least one gift- haha!)


  1. As soon as there's a feeding picture with an amazing airplane spoon, there will be a new gift. Hehe.

  2. We didn't want to overwhelm him with peas and airplanes!!

  3. Present confirmed.