Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ben's First Snow Day!

Friday was Ben's first official snow day. His school closed because of the snow! He wouldn't have gone to school anyway because his daddy's school and mommy's firm were closed... but it was exciting nonetheless.

The day started out with a little tummy time... still no repeats of his rocking and rolling over the other night.

After that he played with daddy who is trying to teach him how to make funny faces.

At some point in the day he needed a wardrobe change. His mommy chose his fleece polar bear sleeper in honor of the snow outside!

Then he tried out a new present- a swing/rocker/recliner that mommy's boss bought for him. He loves it! Below he's "laid back" just like snoop d o double g.

He and Mommy got in some play time too! Before he knew it, it was bedtime and time for another wardrobe change.

Before he went to bed, he helped Mommy pick out a book to read him. He chose The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Ben can't wait for his next snow day!!


  1. You are an awesome mom! And starting a great habit early.... Reading to him!

  2. Love the Snoop Dogg reference. Amy from Secret Life has the same chair that Ben now has! I like that it has an owl on it.

  3. Just wait till you have to read
    Ernie and Burt Dont Forget The Oatmeal
    OVER and OVER and OVER

  4. I can't read Don't Forget the Oatmeal because we don't have it. :(

  5. Mary- I totally put it on my registry because of the owl... no other reason, but now we love it!