Monday, February 22, 2010

The Benjamin Worldwide Tour Continues...

This weekend Benjamin journeyed to our state capitol, Richmond. He was extremely excited to meet his great-grandparents, Daddy Pete and Geemoo.

During the course of the weekend he decided to show off for his great-grandma and demonstrated his ability to roll over. (Apparently he only rolls over once every two weeks.)

He also met his great-aunt Susan (grandma to his cousin Maggie.) He really enjoyed talking to her.

Ben spent some quality time with his Aunt Cathy. Aunt Cathy has made sure Benjamin is well-outfitted in cute hats this winter.

Ben also met his cousin, Mary Elizabeth. His mommy, however, never got a picture of the two together.

After all the day's excitement, Ben was tired!!! Here he is with his grammy.

As tired as he was, he managed to wake his mommy up bright and early on Sunday (6:45 am!) Mommy thinks Ben may have missed his daddy!

Before Ben left, he posed for one final picture- the Lambert family's new additions with their mommies and grandmommies!

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