Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A year of firsts.....

Ben turned one on October 29! What a whirlwind year this has been. He celebrated with friends and family on October 30 and had a blast!!! All his girlfriends were there- Lilly B, Lily D-C, Anna C., Madison C., Kaitlyn C and Aunts Mary and Elizabeth.

Here he is opening birthday cards on his actual birthday. The cards above were from Geemoo and Granddaddy Pete, his Great-Aunt Macel, and his mom's assistant, Liz. He loved them all!!

Ben's first real cupcake was from Roanoke's very own Abbeycakes- the best cupcakes ever!!

Ben wore his Yoda ears for part of the party. They kept his head warm!!

Yummy cupcakes!! Ben is a big fan of cupcakes and pizza!

Ben got lots of awesome presents! Among other gifts, he got a football, blocks, a dump truck, some fancy play stand thing from Aunt Mary and a wagon from his grandparents. (He now likes to go on wagon rides with his girlfriends!)

He also got a little people farm. He loves dropping the animals in the silo, then opening the hatch and pulling them out!!

Ben had his one year check up a few days after his birthday. He weighed 22 pounds!! The doctor was very impressed that he had been walking since eleven months! He told Ben's mommy that Ben's daddy better go ahead and pick out what sport Ben would be playing, because Ben had some mad coordination skills!

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  1. I think it is called a "musical table". Yay Ben!