Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ten Months Old and Still Growing!

Ben's blog has been slow lately because Ben's mommy's caseload doubled over the past month and a half... if only her salary would double! Anyway Ben is now ten months old! A lot has happened this summer- Ben started walking while pushing a little riding toy, and now can stand all by himself without support! He really wants to walk and seems to think about taking a step, but then he will sit down. He crawls everywhere and cannot stay still. Needless to say, changing diapers has become quite an adventure. He also finally has his two bottom teeth (which is a good thing as his parents were considering dentures.) In addition, he got tubes put in his ears on August 25 after persistent ear infections all summer.

Below are a few fairly recent pictures that show Ben as he learns to walk!

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  1. Gorgeous eyes!!! Look out mom.....looks like he is ready to take off!