Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ben's First Easter

Ben celebrated his first Easter this past weekend. On Friday he brought home this cute basket that his one of his teachers made for him!

On Sunday he put on this cute outfit and discovered what the Easter Bunny had left for him!

Apparently he really liked his new book!

After these pictures were taken, Ben went to church with his mom and dad. Then they all came home and enjoyed a lazy Sunday!


  1. So what was in the basket from school ???

  2. Animal crackers, puffs?, m&ms and starburst (which I ate.)

  3. So I guess that is
    Taking candy from a baby
    Dont worry I wont let him forget what you did

  4. Umm..cutest baby ever. I love this blog! I hope i'm half the mommy you are (one day!) :)

  5. If you look closely on the page where he is looking at toes he is holding up his toes. Smart baby!