Sunday, January 17, 2010

Going to (Great) Grandma's

Ben had an exciting weekend! He visited his mommy's hometown of Wise. More importantly, he finally got to meet his great-grandma Macel (Mamaw).

He had already met his great-grandma Zella (Mawmaw), but hadn't had the chance to meet Mamaw, his great-grandma Maryanne (Geemoo), or great-grandpa Pete (Daddy Pete). He hopes to meet Geemoo and Daddy Pete soon too!

Ben also got to meet his great-aunt Fern and his cousin Lizabeth.

The trip to Wise was all in one day, and Ben handled the drive like a pro! He obviously takes after his mommy.

Today Ben visited his church's nursery for the very first time! He had been to church on a Sunday only once before, but that was to play baby Jesus. The ladies in the nursery loved Ben and one even wanted to take him home with her!

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  1. I was confused by the Macel/Zella comments, especially w/a pic separating them. But I figured you don't remember Mamaw being called Zella. And I surmised the Zella is a different great- (the Mawmaw was a large hint for me). Reckon Lizabeth would trade her horse for him?